I Choose To Be

May I see people I love

May they be close enough

Close to hold me and give me a hug

And so that hug would raise me up

Hamlet wondered to be or not

Dear Hamlet I choose the first

What is life if we don’t take risks

Make memories no one forgets

Jump of a seven step stairs

Feel free to sing everywhere

When a teacher tells you 

Bravo, excellent 

What could be more pleasant ? 

To feel excited and want to go home

Tell everyone, you know will sing along

Smile, laugh, sing and dance

It’s your world say it out loud 

Am happy, am free

All I had to be is me

Life, whether you last or not

The be I said will be 

I have become

Dear world, remember me

And dear others accompany me

All you have to do 

Is to be .. 



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