Till We Meet For The First Time

And I hold on to my tears, so no one would cry along

Smiling all the time. so everyone would cheer

Letting go what’s  gone

Here we are you and me

let’s dance through this eve

forget the past

what’s gone is gone

your standing right here

I have to run

Run away from my tears

Never left alone, so I wouldn’t die inside

The memories I don’t have

Wish could have lived

I know your gone

you ain’t coming back

But may words reach you out

I love you .. the most

I have alwasy had

Teared apart no longer will be

I have to move on and wash away my tears

Now it’s time to kiss away the pain

I am old enough to fill a gap

You made a while

I know it’s not your fault but I

But I gotta spill it out

You are mine

I carry you

Everywhere I go

When I am called

Your name follows

Bleed inside blood of love

The thing I carry around

You are mine

I am yours

No one can deny

Remember me

Till we meet

Please be proud

I love you

Truly do

Hear me ouuuuut

 Hold me close

When the thunder strikes around

Let me feel that warmth I dreamed

When was a little child

It’s time to go

to let you fly

It’s my time to start my own life

and till we meet on the other side

Until we meet for the first time



In the memory of my father. May his soul rest in peace ..



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