If Not Free

To the greatest of all ” the prisoner Hana’ El Shalabi “.. Please accept my words .. 


My lips are shut

I can’t say a word

I used to be inlove 

With a man

For life of freedom he fought

William Wallace is his name

Never walked without his sword

He once said 

“Run and you will live

At least for a while” 

It shall not be 

Honor is thine 

Forgive me my lady

I am a coward 

I thought I was free

There is no difference 

Between you and me 

When it comes to freedom

We are both not free

You behind bars 

Am behind enemy lines

What can I say 

I am ashamed

Forgive me my lady

When eat choclate

when praise mom’s yummy meals

Forgive me my lady 

I don’t deserve 

To be named Palestinian 

It only belongs to your name

You have proven that the impossible 

Can be ! 

Forgive me my lady 

I am a defenseless child 

I can’t fight 

My hands are tied 

I thought William is the bravest of all 

You have proven me wrong

What is there that a woman can do ? 

I once asked 

Now to myself I must say 


That woman , my lady, is you ! 

Forgive me my lady

It’s true ! 

We are all nothing compared to you ! 

I will not tell you keep up the good work 

I will not tell you hang in there 

But let me tell you my wish of despair 

I wish I were behind the bars !

To die with honour 

Than to be sieged in my own home 

Life is freedom 

If not free 

Then execute me 

Because if not 

I don’t deserve to breathe ! 

I don’t deserve to be ! 


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