Endless night

Let me tell you a story

Share you our moments of glory

Let me portray you a cry

Something you will remember ’till you die

Things haven’t seen in real life

Things you know are not right 

Under your noses

Right before your eyes

We have been dying

From the inside-out 

All kinds of blood

We have bled 

Red, white and black

All felt alike 

You think we are alive

We breathe, eat and but die

Don’t say your blind

What you hear around here

Is just thunder strikes 

It’s not what you think 

It’s a bomb; a burning child

Pretend being diff 

We don’t mind

Just don’t knock on our doors

And ask us Why?

What we feel 

What we need

What we want

Is justified 

You have left us with nothing 

But the urge to fight

To revenge

And to never give up on this endless night


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