The Return

Creepy sounds, scary doors’ creak, loud windows’ squeak, dusty furniture, black walls, torn up ceilings – I could see rusty iron bars – and a smell of long desertion. I walked in first. Then came my grandfather and walked inside. The old mansion was his father’s house. He cried for hours. My father’s attempts of calming him down failed. I thought he must have felt sad because he will never be able to sell such dumpster. I belittled every spot in that house, hated my father for wasting my time and all I wanted to do was to get out. Suddenly my grandfather’s voice woke me up. He whispered me words I can never forget. He said ” My paradise. I have my paradise back.” At that second I had a flashback ,remembered all the stories he had told us about this place, his secret paths, secret hiding places and the trees he used to climb. I remembered the key he carried around. I cried. I couldn’t help it. I just cried. I took an oath to take care of that mansion and pass it to my children and their’s all the way ’till the end of my family line. My grandfather has returned. My grandfather has his paradise back. His lost dream has finally realized.


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