There I am to be buried

Feelings I find myself incapable of understanding. An instant wish of flying. I want to run away and escape. I wish to go anywhere far from here. I can’t bear it. It’s killing me. Like disease, it’s taking control. I am no longer in charge. Eyes flip, hair drops and life ends. Where to go ? What to say ? What to tell those am going to live with? Lend me your house; lend me your ID? I need a place to stay in because mine was taken from me? Don’t ask me how because it just happened. Don’t ask me when because it was long time ago. Just give me your passport and lend me your ID. I promise I will take care of them, I promise I will never let them get lost and I will protect them with my own soul. I want to work here that’s all. ِAll I want to have is a better life why is that wrong ? After a long speech of wishes, a stranger replied: you will take care of my house and ID, aye? I answered impatiently, like a long lost boy who has just found his mom or a handicaped who stood again on his feet. At the top of my lungs I said : Yes, will you lend me yours? That strange voice said : If you are to keep mine from loss or keep it safe, you could have taken care of yours instead. Those words felt like gun shots that broke all the bones to my heart  and pushed me to the ground. The world spinned. I went back and sat beside my house waiting. If I  am not to live there, then there I am to be buried


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