Dawn has to come

I don’t know why
Things have changed
A feeling in my heart
Suddenly is not so vague
Overwhelmed everything else
Overcame what I tried
To deep inside hide

Like flowers with seasons change
Something in my heart does

I can spot a light
Down the tunnel
Spring will last
For ever it seems

Why don’t I believe in that?
And keep lying to myself all the time
As if I won’t live tomorrow
To see that it won’t

As if it’s a happy ending story!
Though it’s not

Rain drops visit every couple of winters
they fill the place with saulty water
And everytime this happens
I tell myself
Next time
It will taste better

Why am I trying to be optimistic?

When everytime I look outside my window
All I see is night
All I see is darkness

But that light
I spotted
Down the tunnel
Will always be there
to remind me
My yesterday was twilight
Today is dusk
But tomorrow’s
Dawn has to come


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