My People and I Are Me

What happened to me
I will never forget
Those whom have hurt me
I can never forgive
My people and I are both me
Those who breathe and those who died
Those whom you have wiped off
Those whom you have kicked out
Today we remember every drop of blood
They bled
Every drop they sweat
Today we bring back the stormy weather
For the wound is still unhealed
We remember them today
Yesterday and all other days
But today we sense their ghosts
Their presence
It doesn’t matter if I am a refugee or not
We are all one
You kill a brother
We seek revenge
You kick a father
We bring you down
We are the third generation
And in our blood it’s curved
On water it’s there
On every side of this country
It’s our legacy
It’s our future
It’s our everything
The Nakba was not theirs alone
It was theirs, ours and will be in the genes of our children
If you steal my cookie, I get mad
What about when it’s my land?
The sadness you have caused
The pain you have unleashed in the hearts
Of those who said no
Today we tell you all
We still remember
We are still fighting
And yes
We will return
Whether you like it
Or not

By : Nour O. El Borno


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