We want nor the money
Nor the houses
Nor the deeds
We want the smell of our land’s grass
We want to feel the breeze
That moved our lawn
We want to feel the rain of our own towns
We want to hug our old neighbors
We want to return to our old hood
We want to be in our city
Where everything is different
The smell of winter, there,
Is different
The taste of water, there,
Is different
The sun ray, there,
Is different
My mother voice when calling my name, there,
Is different
Rainbow, there, appears everyday
Spring, there, lasts all year long
There, we were first born
In the wombs of our grandmothers
There, we were
And to there we will return
Because there is the only where
Where we will feel

By : Nour O. El Borno


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