Take me out from the world am living
Let me hear new sounds of heaven
Let me be the one I hoped for
Let me not sit around and wait for nothing to happen
If you knew it’s the end
Why bothered and made me care?
If you were not ready to stick around
In the good times and bad
Why did you make me feel?

Luck, my luck
Without you something is missing
I know I am here for a reason
I know that reason is not because of you
I am living in a shadow of hopes
That one day will bring me down
I don’t care how many steps the ladder has
I don’t care how far it is
All I want is a place to stay in
And forget all the bad things I did
I want a new life
New everything

You were my last chance
Today I know nothing is worth living
But I will set myself free
And imprison myself
Somewhere far
So close to here
Where no one will hear my voice
But some may read my lips
And understand what they really say
May read what’s between the lines
And feel what my mouth couldn’t convey

By : Nour O. El Borno


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