What is on my mind ?

It’s hard to previously decide what you want to write. It’s hard to start writing notes and thoughts. Writing is more than that even academic writing. When we write we express ourselves and thoughts. They shouldn’t be very eloquent or grammatically correct. If people don’t get what you feel through the words you first say and think of, then it is meaningless if they get you after explaining what you say. I am not going to change any mistake I made in this piece. I will leave it the way it is. I will not call it a first draft or a draft; I will call it ‘my feelings’ or ‘my thoughts.’ When you hold a pen and a paper, it’s not because you want to say something to the reader, it is because you have something to say or have an idea you want to let out or pain you want to reduce. Don’t let few rules written by people who care about the form more than the content stand between you and your own emotions and feelings . Let your writing be chaotic. It’s yours after all. What got that to what I want to say I don’t know. I just felt like writing and those words just came out. I couldn’t tell them to stay in and shush just because they don’t make sense. Who am I to judge? And say this makes sense but this doesn’t? what do I really know? Maybe what am saying is more important than what I think. I am tired, sleepy, exhausted-took me couple of seconds to remember how it is written, have a lot of things on my mind and so many emotions I can’t seem to define. Pressure is not a nice thing –right? – Especially when you are stressed- wait a second don’t pressure and stress mean the same thing? Not really I googled that to make sure they don’t there is a difference, dah.

Ideas stopped; I lost connection; I have no more things to say. I am going to post this on fb and on twitter and then get some sleep. That was everything on my mind starting from 1:35 and until 1:42 am. And after I have written that am thinking that maybe this is stream of consciousness that we learned about in our literature class. If this is it, then it’s fun and I may do this one or two more times. Slam.

By : Nour O. El Borno


2 thoughts on “What is on my mind ?

  1. Hummm..
    When I read so marvelous, magnificent words from handsome angel, I say “WoW’. I say WoW, when I see great feelings go out from effective words. “Wow” word be pronounced when someone can’t express his/her feeling about a Great sth that he/she say. So just I wanna say Wow.

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