a single prayer

Somebody is trying some place
To find his one and only mate
To feel the joys of life
And unite with the one they want
Somebody is trying somewhere
To call out some random names
And maybe you will hear their voices
When the right time comes
You will be the answer to someone’s prayers
You will find what you have been looking for
In a person you didn’t know exists
You will be the happiest on earth
Because of a prayer you didn’t pray
When it’s late at night
And everybody is asleep
Somebody out there is sitting tight to a window
And holding their hearts in their hands
And asking the Lord for the happiness of a person
They have never met in their lives
At the same time they will be asking
For God to unite you both
Very late at night sleep
And sleep tight
And just wait around for that prayer to realize
Don’t let that person down
Because you thought you have found your other half
Don’t let that person down
Because you couldn’t hold on to a prayer
Someone prayed for you
Because you couldn’t wait
For that person to come to you
Because you couldn’t say no for silly things
And couldn’t wait for the real treat

By : Nour O. El Borno


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