Wake Up

Dear People,
Dear Humans,
Dear You,
There is no such thing called israel, there is no such thing called israelis ( Dear Microsoft word, don’t correct my israel into Israel because I intended it to start with a small letter) I am sick and tired of seeing my people dead so your people would live. I am sick and tired of hearing your bombs killing my people. I am so sick and tired of your planes wandering around in my sky and make me think they are shooting stars and then discover they are one of your freaking planes. I am sick and tired of you and your stupid speeches. I am sick and tired of your everything! It’s our land deal with it. It’s our land just get it !! you have Antarctica go and find a place in there and start up a country ! Don’t come and steal a place already taken!! And dear Arabs, stop fighting for stupid stuff, stop making fools out of yourselves and stop showing up on TV and talk like puppets that are obviously moved by strings!! I am done with those stupid series broadcasted on TV to distract us, I am done with those stupid shows we see on TV and I am done of seeing Arabs killed by Arabs and Muslims killed by Muslims! Wake up! Just wake up! How hard is it to wake up !! Open your eyes and get yourselves out of bed. wAllah try it works. Unite ! Be one hand make your motto ‘One For All and All For One’ Believe it or not it works. We don’t need to live in the shadows of foreign countries, we don’t need to do what they say and we don’t need to repeat everything we hear without thinking! Let’s end the civil wars we are having that we seem to call revolutions. People are killing their families and friends. If you don’t wake up now, when will you?! You Arabs remind me with what we see on TV while watching a movie. That part when the hero is about to die, if not dead, or the whole world has ended and then the police arrives. After everything is done, they arrive. How irritating, how miserable and how stupid! Why is it that I am an 18 year old girl and get it and you are 50 something and still care about money and food and God knows what else !! The only thing I have left to say is something that you must have heard before WAKE UP!

By : Nour O. El Borno


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