Was a butterfly

One morning I woke up

All was in black and white

I did not know where to run

I thought I was going blind

Things never been like this

Everything so dark

It was my dreams graveyard

Where all the forgotten ones hide

I didn’t know what to do

Should I go back to sleep?

Believe so you can see

Magic in the wonders and seas

Super powers are not

What make fairytales

Happy endings are

Such a nightmare

Green yard

Beautiful sky

A clock of different time

Things move counterclockwise

Yet everything seems to be in its right time

Upside down things were

Now things are back the same

Right before flowers go yellow

And leaves fall

I had a restless night

Thoughts of insomnia

I believe lack of dreams

Makes us down

Worse than ever

Therefore tonight I will

Sleep and dream all night long

Right before I close my eyes

The last thing I saw

By: Nour O. El Borno


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