My Flower, My Land, My Mother

A single flower

with yellow leaves

So bright it stands

Refuses to weep

Embracing the shadows of trees

Swaying with the wind

and a bee

And there it falls leaf after leaf

With the breeze forcing them

to fall far away

from their mother tree

But they try to flee

From a destiny written back in years

What a harsh weather

Clouds that play hide-and-seek

With the sun rays

But the flower refuses to bend and sways

The language of roses

I have been learning for years

Not even once

Have I understood what they say or speak

Yet sometimes I feel their sadness or joy

And sometimes I get lost in the interpretations of their words

I always sense their emotions

Like a mother that lost a son in the womb

or another after birth

People come, steal them and kick her out

When everything stands in her way like a wall

That’s how my flower feels

When she loses a leaf after another ..

She dies,

She bleeds ..

By: Nour Osama El Borno


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