64 Years Have Passed and Another 64 Years Ahead.

I was walking down the hill, where my father first took me for a trip, when I heard some gun shots. I ran to the house but I was minutes late. Everybody had been shot dead, and the one or those who have shot them were not there. I took an oath that once I am old enough, I will have my revenge. Every day passed I got angrier and the urge for revenge became more and more. I became 20 years old, 25, 37, 48 and now am 64 and still have not fulfilled that feeling. However, I raised my children on the fact that their family was murdered and revenge must be taken. I did something, I trained them, I worked hard on uniting them and carved in their skins and bone the smell of that breeze on that hill. They lined up against each other, they became more interested in the hill as a place to use for their business instead of wanting to have it back, they have forgotten their dead family and dying one and I must say how fearful I have become. It has been a while since they have died, but how can it possibly be to want the riches of a land but not free it first? How can it possibly be to fight over the throne and not fight for the people? 64 years, and not until the revenge is fulfilled I am still growing old. 64 years have passed and more 64 will unless they decide to line up together against the outsiders\the intruders. It’s in their hands now whether to fight or to keep on sleeping. 


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