Hit the music

Raise the sound

It is all been going

The world can’t stop moving around

Black eyes crying

Red sweet tears

Cry silently

No tears glow inside

In the dark

No one can see

Just a reflection

A shadow

In the mirror on the wall

Telling me

I am the prettiest of them all

Hear the voices of the weeping children

Calling for a mommy

A miracle to happen

I can’t hear the sounds outside

Nor the ones inside

I can only hear your beats

Moving so fast

Too fast, indeed

The tear of yours

Drops very slowly

Sliding on your cheek

Like a waterfall

Sweet be not

My diabolique nightmares

It is tonight I am doing

The dance of a life time

Hit the music

Raise the sound

Tonight I dance

Off the ground



She stood there watching

Travelers to Jerusalem heading

Held her breath, waving

To the mosque not to them

All she wants is to be there

At the door

Inside that building

On the holy sand, standing

The breeze flows from town to town

Till it reaches where she is living

Remains of the fragrant

That’s all she is getting

Hopes and dreams of a trip

Better yet to reside there

So impossible as it may seem

She is shouting

Take me there

Let the trespassers out

It’s my land

My Masjed

Hold my hand, dear friend

Hold me tight, on my back

I’ll carry you

We will fly all the way

Together we will get to our destination

Don’t let the candle blow away

Keep feeding it

We are almost there

We will smell it

Taste its sand

We will feel it

Hug its ground

We will be part of it


Just like it is part of us


Night Thoughts

How beautiful the night looks

So blue

So innocent

How great it smells

If only it could last


All the prayers as spirits soar

I can touch the air with my hands bare

Looking at the stars always feels

Brought back from the dead

On the way to come true

Wishes are

No dead end


Life is not opportunities

Life is not possibilities

Everything is written

Everything happens in the way it should


Hear the sound of engines

Like whistles of birds

To remind us of the life

We sometimes lack


I can hear the sun touching the ground

I hear it again when it rises

What a magical sound



I close my eyes

All ears

To hear the prayers

Smell the sand

And the sound of the sun

The second it rises from the ground


From ash to ash

From dust to dust

That’s what life is all about

Even Mighty Walls Fall Apart


I have never felt this angry before; I have never felt like the world is narrowing down; I have never experienced such desires: desires to escape, to run away, to go anywhere far away from here. I can’t hold on to my breath any more, to my anger or to my grudge held against the world. I want to revolt; I want to surrender. I am tired of fighting against the flow. Nothing is perfect I know, but that doesn’t mean you have to remind me of my imperfection every time you lay your eyes on me. I am torn up from the inside and all what you see is the things I pretend to be. The cracks are hidden by the fake smiles and fake laughs. It’s not easy to be me. It’s not easy to be anyone else. Why can’t I live my own life by my own rules? Why can’t I do what I want to do? I know why -no need for anyone to answer. Even the mighty walls break when the pressure exceeds and the rough seas get rougher when thunder strikes. How can this world be a good place when the good are joining the other side? Is it a taboo to want to live a whole life instead of tracking down the footsteps of the former? Screaming might help the urge in me to be unleashed; however, no one will let us do so. School, life, social life, thoughts, dreams, wishes, fears, nightmares, dreams (again) everything just lines up to show us how we have not accomplished things the way we wanted to. If, by chance, one of them really did work out the way we hoped, all other doors seem to be locked. They are locked from the outside while being inside keyless. I am tongue-tied; I am handcuffed; I am marooned. I stand with one prayer, I set loose. At my window, I stand with a perpetual dream set free with the smell of the sand and wind in the early hours before sunrise and after nightfall. I whisper louder than a scream so that my wish gets to where it should be. Thus one morning I may wake up or one night I may end up finding a realized dream. And then I wake up from the dream.

A sonnet of my own -sonnet III-

I will reveal to the world my secret
At the end, in the middle will say it
You are trustworthy you are a close friend
From time to time it is all there is
A dear friend be, all the way to the end
Forget about the sorrows and the mazes
Jailed behind treason bars of a brother
Stabs in the back, some in the heart, Alas!
It feels so cruel yet we wait for ever
Great heartbreakers ; therefore, you just must pass
Let the puzzle undone. Let go your doubt
It is no good to hold on to the past
When there are no windows open, go out
Do not look back; just run; run real fast

Climbing The Wall

Things are okay

Deep inside I know

My wishes will get real


Forever seems not very far

Farther than ever

Now I am sure

It’s coming to get me


The dream has been chasing

Has been waiting for a chance

To knock my door


Now it’s here

Here we are

Climbing the walls to get

To the other side

Come on take my hand

Let’s fly


Let’s get higher

Let the light

Touch your skin

Let the night

Shine on you


Somebody hear the words

I want to say

Things are going the way they should


Am not afraid

Am not scared

Soon illusion will no longer be so

Nothing will be not true

It’s all going right


I don’t want to know

Things why go the way they do

I am in a world of mess

Chaos and more never less


Stay inside

Lock your door

And you will never rise

You will never shine

Too late, will you realize

When it’s gone


It’s coming to get me

The dream is here

The door has always been open

And part of me has always known

It was a matter of time


The wall was climbed

Am at the top

Ready to jump

And Scream

Let the whole world hear




You can’t stop me

Let me go

Set me free

I know it’s time

It’s time to FLY

And spread my wings

I can’t stay forever here

Not like this


I am climbing the walls

I did

I am flying


I am free


At the top; at last

I found what I have been looking for

I found myself

I found me

Wrong Turns

Lost tears
Found them at last
In my eyes
have been hiding
For a while

Memories I couldn’t, simply,
Let go
It was a must before death
Takes control

Rain in June
So salty it is
Never hoped for something to realize
As much as this

Stray friendship
On the roads of despair
Found its way after wrong turns

Here it stays the love we have had
And here it lasts
It is worth to fight for

One last time
On my knees
I beg for a last chance
And a prayer to come to life

Missing was cruel
Trying to hate was harder
Now that I can say it
Hear me singing our song
The one we first heard
The first time we met

Let flowers sway along
Let Mockingjay play our note

Sleep well, tonight my friend
Tonight we upgrade it
From level one
All the way to
To level Twelve