Wrong Turns

Lost tears
Found them at last
In my eyes
have been hiding
For a while

Memories I couldn’t, simply,
Let go
It was a must before death
Takes control

Rain in June
So salty it is
Never hoped for something to realize
As much as this

Stray friendship
On the roads of despair
Found its way after wrong turns

Here it stays the love we have had
And here it lasts
It is worth to fight for

One last time
On my knees
I beg for a last chance
And a prayer to come to life

Missing was cruel
Trying to hate was harder
Now that I can say it
Hear me singing our song
The one we first heard
The first time we met

Let flowers sway along
Let Mockingjay play our note

Sleep well, tonight my friend
Tonight we upgrade it
From level one
All the way to
To level Twelve


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