Climbing The Wall

Things are okay

Deep inside I know

My wishes will get real


Forever seems not very far

Farther than ever

Now I am sure

It’s coming to get me


The dream has been chasing

Has been waiting for a chance

To knock my door


Now it’s here

Here we are

Climbing the walls to get

To the other side

Come on take my hand

Let’s fly


Let’s get higher

Let the light

Touch your skin

Let the night

Shine on you


Somebody hear the words

I want to say

Things are going the way they should


Am not afraid

Am not scared

Soon illusion will no longer be so

Nothing will be not true

It’s all going right


I don’t want to know

Things why go the way they do

I am in a world of mess

Chaos and more never less


Stay inside

Lock your door

And you will never rise

You will never shine

Too late, will you realize

When it’s gone


It’s coming to get me

The dream is here

The door has always been open

And part of me has always known

It was a matter of time


The wall was climbed

Am at the top

Ready to jump

And Scream

Let the whole world hear




You can’t stop me

Let me go

Set me free

I know it’s time

It’s time to FLY

And spread my wings

I can’t stay forever here

Not like this


I am climbing the walls

I did

I am flying


I am free


At the top; at last

I found what I have been looking for

I found myself

I found me


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