She stood there watching

Travelers to Jerusalem heading

Held her breath, waving

To the mosque not to them

All she wants is to be there

At the door

Inside that building

On the holy sand, standing

The breeze flows from town to town

Till it reaches where she is living

Remains of the fragrant

That’s all she is getting

Hopes and dreams of a trip

Better yet to reside there

So impossible as it may seem

She is shouting

Take me there

Let the trespassers out

It’s my land

My Masjed

Hold my hand, dear friend

Hold me tight, on my back

I’ll carry you

We will fly all the way

Together we will get to our destination

Don’t let the candle blow away

Keep feeding it

We are almost there

We will smell it

Taste its sand

We will feel it

Hug its ground

We will be part of it


Just like it is part of us



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