A Gunshot

By : Nour O. El Borno


I can hear a gunshot.”

I stood, “Where?”

I asked.

“Move, you child”

The voice replied.

I am not a child

I will not duck

I used to sleep on this sound

I used to hear this day and night

A lullaby my mom would sing

So I can have a good night sleep

I was raised to this kind of horror

I was raised to embrace such dark nights

This may be new to you

But I have heard this

trillions of times

My father is dead

My mother died as well

My brothers were imprisoned

My sisters were kidnapped

“A gunshot”

That’s what you call it

A reason for you to duck


A reason for me to skip

My basketball training

Simple rules we live by

Death is written since the beginning of time

I will not die before the time I am set to

Let your gunshots be randomly shot

I will not die

Unless it’s my time

I am not afraid of you

Or your gun

I am not a child

I claim not to be a man

I am just a Palestinian

In my blood

the word

‘Fearless’ runs


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