Good Omen

The room is not closing up,

I am.

The world is not getting smaller

I just can’t breathe

I am feeling deeply hurt

Fell in a well

Too deep

I am losing control

Daylight is getting darker

Or is it me who is closing her eyes?

Let me know why

Everything is upside down?

Or am I standing on the ceiling

From the inside?

But the wall looks right where it should be

The things drawn on the wall

Look like a perfectly drawn painting

Something is right

Too right


But too good

Bad omen

The birds are still awake

I am dying

I am sure that’s it

Dawn is not going to happen

Nor will the moon go to sleep

Tonight doesn’t seem to have an end

But my life does

 Tonight I write on the very last page

Of my book,

My life

The End ..


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