Memory, Captured

Some things need to be captured

So later on are viewed.

We have to remember some parts

That our minds intend to hide.

Till this day I hope I can go back in time

And take photos

For all the precious moments

That hurriedly passed by;

In a blink of an eye.

There are some times,

I wish I could relive or resee

I close my eyes for a passing memory.

Like a scene of a movie

I have watched long time ago,

I barely remember the names

Hardly recognize the faces.

Everything has changed;

Everyone as well.

That moment was supposed to be

Forever lasting.

I am not afraid of tomorrow,

I am not ashamed of the past,

I just wish for ( a picture

captured in a frame)

That has all the things I have lived

And wish to live again

All in one photo

From the past

To remind me

That tomorrow is worthy

One more shot

O n e last chance.


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