A Farewell To The Lad

Breath in
Breath out

A strike of thunder
People running about
The sun is gone
The night has fallen
The tears I bled
At last are fed
To a land
In thirst for freedom

Breath in
Breath out
Children are screaming around
Toys scattered on the ground
A head over here
A plastic arm there
Everyone has become

Breath in
Breath out
Everybody panting

A little boy
For loving the place
Where through a mirror
He first saw his face
It was a last glance
That he took
Through his white-framed window
At the world

A breath in
A breath out

Yet this time
Was his last



We fight in the name of freedom

We fight in the name of life

We fight in the name of our rights

In the name of what is right

And for that we are slaughtered

For that we are tortured

For that we are burned

Can’t you hear the babies’ screams?

Can’t you hear the furious thunder?

Must be furious


Full of disgrace

The world is

When you are at home

Among your family

The house is a bit cold


Syrians are in the streets

The young and the old


A man takes their lives day after day

Some lose their houses, others are stray

Legs, arms,

Children, moms

The sound of bombs

The sounds of death

In all forms

In all shapes

Let that wicked man control your minds

Stands straight

As if life is going great

He will keep killing his people

’till no one will be left for him to rule

Do not wear black

Do not mourn

Wipe the tears of a mother

By giving her back her daughter

But it’s too late

Now the girl is a late

For the sake of others

Help our brothers

Before they die

And all we are left with is

A sigh ..

Syria and freedom shall combine

An oath


Eyeless, but I Believe.

“ What’s a tree?”

“It’s green”

“What’s a sky?”

“It’s blue”

“What’s a rainbow?”

“Full of colors”

“How’s the rain like?”

“Wet ”

“How is the sea like?”

“Even more wet!”


Do I look like I know

What colors are like?!

Do I sound as if I know

What green and blue are?!

All I know is black!

Not sure if it’s the same one you know

Now I think

There is nothing to be seen

I have always hoped for a miracle

So I could have useful eyes

So I could understand

What things are

You with eyes can’t see

What God has given you

You with eyes don’t believe

What nature has been trying to say

You with eyes keep bumping into doors

Simply because you were looking behind

It’s annoying how you have eyes

However, sightless

However, you keep whine

I am eyeless and I can see

I am eyeless and I believe

I am eyeless and I look to see what’s before me!


Eyes are neither for the tears

Nor are they for 24hour sleep

Nor are they for the laptop screen

They are there so you would understand

What a blessing you have!

They are there to remind you

Of what so many others have lost

And I am one of those

Eyeless in ways


Sightful in others

We differ,

I believe

You should start believing too

If there weren’t for your eyes

You would have never known

How even you look like

Which road to take

And which to let go

You would have never got the chance to

Look at things and see

Not just imagine how things may appear to be.

Truth About Death

I see a girl taking a cab

After her father just drove her off

Girls gossips say she is going to skip class

Going to meet some friends out

I see a little boy running

Another man behind him screaming “thief, thief!”

I hear some gunshots

A man must have gone mad

Killed his wife or maybe his lad

I keep on walking till I reach my destination

“Where am I?”

Is the one million dollar question

A bus, a big one

Almost hit me

“Oh, that was close”

I murmured

I was about to die!

But hey, I didn’t


The next day I saw the same girl

Same old same old

Father, dropped, She, cab, elsewhere

My friend called me to meet her at the doc’s

there, I saw the same girl

She is on chemo therapy

Doesn’t want to burden her parents

Doesn’t want to tell them the sad news

That she will be leaving them very soon

The same boy I saw that day

He was sitting on the sidewalk  crying

The boy just embraced me

A complete stranger there I was standing

“What’s wrong, boy?”

“My mother, she is dying.”

I stood there paralyzed

Holding a boy I met once

Now it’s twice

I couldn’t do anything I just stood there

Thinking “is this really fair?”


Oh, that’s out of my hand

I felt tongue-tied

Then I saw the man,

Who shot his daughter or son

Or so I thought,

Celebrating with his family

A death?

Of course no

A thief was in their home

He shot him defending his house


Another bus almost hit me

No this time it was just a car

O death, are you finding troubles in reaping my soul?

And bang something suddenly hit me

It was neither a bus nor a car

An idea just found its way

Death comes past us every day

It never misses or moves to the next in line

It’s just not yet our time

Not this time

But it’s surely some other time

Could be, maybe, probably, perhaps

Next time.

Not The Other Way Around

By : Light

(Nour Osama El Borno)

Am no where, but I like where I am
I am a happy person; live with that
Don’t let my positive energy do its thing on you
If you want to be a sad person,
Go ahead and do
I have tasted so many kinds of pain

So delicious they were


All types, all knives
In my back
In my heart
Sometimes a punch in the face
Then I read in a book ‘life happens’
And yes it does
I am not a person who likes darkness
Always in love with ‘light’
I am good to everyone
Because I believe everyone is worthy the fight
Even those who hurt me

Even those who hurt me most
Sometimes we make the wrong decision
Sometimes we say the wrong thing
But deep inside everyone of us
There is goodness we can’t deny
In a movie, I once heard
‘ I trust them all; I just don’t trust
The devil deep inside’
Amine to that
I am a happy person
Whether you like it or not
I try to make as many of the people happy
So I would get more energy
I feed on their laughs
I feed on their smiles
With every laugh and smile I cause
My light, My name
becomes brighter
And it grows
So, yes! I am a happy person
Like no one is
I love little details
And enjoy of things
Because life is short
And I don’t have forever
To wait for something paranormal
To just show up
I am a happy person
And all I want is
For you to be happy
As well

Close your eyes and believe
We make everything count
Not the other way around