Not The Other Way Around

By : Light

(Nour Osama El Borno)

Am no where, but I like where I am
I am a happy person; live with that
Don’t let my positive energy do its thing on you
If you want to be a sad person,
Go ahead and do
I have tasted so many kinds of pain

So delicious they were


All types, all knives
In my back
In my heart
Sometimes a punch in the face
Then I read in a book ‘life happens’
And yes it does
I am not a person who likes darkness
Always in love with ‘light’
I am good to everyone
Because I believe everyone is worthy the fight
Even those who hurt me

Even those who hurt me most
Sometimes we make the wrong decision
Sometimes we say the wrong thing
But deep inside everyone of us
There is goodness we can’t deny
In a movie, I once heard
‘ I trust them all; I just don’t trust
The devil deep inside’
Amine to that
I am a happy person
Whether you like it or not
I try to make as many of the people happy
So I would get more energy
I feed on their laughs
I feed on their smiles
With every laugh and smile I cause
My light, My name
becomes brighter
And it grows
So, yes! I am a happy person
Like no one is
I love little details
And enjoy of things
Because life is short
And I don’t have forever
To wait for something paranormal
To just show up
I am a happy person
And all I want is
For you to be happy
As well

Close your eyes and believe
We make everything count
Not the other way around


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