Eyeless, but I Believe.

“ What’s a tree?”

“It’s green”

“What’s a sky?”

“It’s blue”

“What’s a rainbow?”

“Full of colors”

“How’s the rain like?”

“Wet ”

“How is the sea like?”

“Even more wet!”


Do I look like I know

What colors are like?!

Do I sound as if I know

What green and blue are?!

All I know is black!

Not sure if it’s the same one you know

Now I think

There is nothing to be seen

I have always hoped for a miracle

So I could have useful eyes

So I could understand

What things are

You with eyes can’t see

What God has given you

You with eyes don’t believe

What nature has been trying to say

You with eyes keep bumping into doors

Simply because you were looking behind

It’s annoying how you have eyes

However, sightless

However, you keep whine

I am eyeless and I can see

I am eyeless and I believe

I am eyeless and I look to see what’s before me!


Eyes are neither for the tears

Nor are they for 24hour sleep

Nor are they for the laptop screen

They are there so you would understand

What a blessing you have!

They are there to remind you

Of what so many others have lost

And I am one of those

Eyeless in ways


Sightful in others

We differ,

I believe

You should start believing too

If there weren’t for your eyes

You would have never known

How even you look like

Which road to take

And which to let go

You would have never got the chance to

Look at things and see

Not just imagine how things may appear to be.


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