We fight in the name of freedom

We fight in the name of life

We fight in the name of our rights

In the name of what is right

And for that we are slaughtered

For that we are tortured

For that we are burned

Can’t you hear the babies’ screams?

Can’t you hear the furious thunder?

Must be furious


Full of disgrace

The world is

When you are at home

Among your family

The house is a bit cold


Syrians are in the streets

The young and the old


A man takes their lives day after day

Some lose their houses, others are stray

Legs, arms,

Children, moms

The sound of bombs

The sounds of death

In all forms

In all shapes

Let that wicked man control your minds

Stands straight

As if life is going great

He will keep killing his people

’till no one will be left for him to rule

Do not wear black

Do not mourn

Wipe the tears of a mother

By giving her back her daughter

But it’s too late

Now the girl is a late

For the sake of others

Help our brothers

Before they die

And all we are left with is

A sigh ..

Syria and freedom shall combine

An oath



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