An Imprisoned-Free Man Says:








Hands up!
Feet distanced!
Wipe the blood; Weep a lot;
This whip won’t stop.
Scream, but no one will hear you;
You are defeated,
There is nothing you can do.
Eat this food, the dogs are hungry.
“Drag the young to the solitary;
No food is to be offered
And let not the sewage
Into their cave.
No sun is to get there;
Turn it into a grave.
Few days pass,
Put them back together.
We have too many prisoners”
My higher ranked general ordered.
He ordered. Thus, we obeyed.
To the cells, hurry!
Stupid questions, I hear them ask.
“How is the moon like?
How are the stars?”
In my green military suit, I sit
To my well-armed desk.
I heard sounds
Of men with the same melody.
I got closer and closer
To the cell they were dragged to.
I know what they want,
What they should be begging for.
Death is their salvation;
Their only way out.
I got closer and closer,
My steps got stronger and stronger;
The echo got louder and louder.
An earthquake, thought my fellow officers.
I laughed at the men,
Thought the young, behind bars, feared me as well.
I walked inside knowing some will be dead,
Blood stains everywhere,
Some lost hope and others were afraid.
However, some were on the floor,
Others near the door,
Bodies in the same direction
Toward the wall.
I watched them stand,
I watched them sit,
Then last “Al-Salamu Alaikom” said.

-Peace be with you-
To the one on their right,
To the one on their left.
I collapsed; I surrendered;
The sound of the whip suddenly stopped.
I lost control;
I lost my gesture;
I couldn’t be still,
Lost my posture.
The young ones outside
Were the controlled.
Yet, the men inside had the freedom of choice.
And they chose;
Dignity, honor and nobility
Were the only things they lived for
And ready to die in their name.


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