The Pinnacle








For life is a small-pieces puzzle,
I am torn into pieces as well;
For the past has taken me to
A place I am not familiar with,
I am ‘strayly’ finding my way.
My ship sank a while ago,
My words were erased,
All the doors were locked,
All the windows were broken.
I am standing right where you are,
Can you see me?
I won’t give up
Even if the world ends.
When the wind gets rough,
When the tide passes by us,
I won’t give up.
I won’t let go
To what’ keeping me standing.
I won’t forget,
All the memories you gave me,
All the lessons I was taught,
I won’t let go.
I am breaking,
But I won’t stop dreaming,
I won’t be someone I am not,
I’ll be who I am.
I will climb the mountains,
I will enjoy the view,
I won’t fall apart.
I won’t lose what’s left of my heart,
I won’t let go.
I will get up,
The skies will be with us,
The rain will look after us.
You and I together,
We will have it back.
We will start somewhere,
Why not from here?
You and I, we shall be: us.
Toward our future
We will run.
I will see it in your eyes;
I will feel it in your touch;
I will hold it in my heart,
That one word
That will keep us on the right road:
“F r e e d o m”
Is right beside us.
Help me!
Together we can lift it up,
We will get up;
We won’t give up.
No matter how down they bring us,
We will reach the top.

Be the I; Read it twice

And ask others to join us.


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