Pillar Of Cloud

You see a son,

A five year old.

You see him gone,

Look and behold.

Close your ears

So you wouldn’t hear,

But the ground beneath:

Remember, it speaks;

It shakes; it breaks;

It scares;


Every spot,

You will see a dead or blood.

Think once and think twice

Before you get up and help.

The land bleeds and so do the people;

They give names for their ways of murder:

Cast lead few years ago,

Pillar of Cloud, this year.

No one is safe

Not even the sun.

They hide it with clouds of their own.

Dark, black

Everything in here.

Remember our story when we die;

Write our history

With Human blood.

That’s how it was made,

That’s how you should.



How the End Ends

It’s about all the things we want to say;

All the things we want others to hear;

All what the words can never convey.

The same thing we feel every day:

It’s in the stars written,

In our Eyes and tears hidden,

It’s in the heart, in the beats,

It’s in the wishes,

In the miracles,

It’s in the urge to unleash,

It’s in the might of letting go

What is beyond what we can see.

The onomatopoeia that is in whisper,

The metonymy of freedom,

The Juxtaposition in Jerusalem-

Its east and west combined together-

It’s in the desires,

The broken heart,

The falling pieces of the mind.

When everything disappears,

When you only have the courtesy of love:

And find that love has none.

It’s that moment when you are chained,

You are brought to the ground,

You faint,

You are weak,

You are incapable of controlling your own breath!

You are unable to sleep,

Unable to dream,

Unable to forget,

Unable to remember.

There is nothing you can do!

If you are lucky, you can’t even watch.

Blinded with the sky out there getting darker;

It gets darker and darker;

The seas get stronger and stronger,

And the tide is the controller.

The life you whimper about:

When a child,

A grown,

When, at last, dead.

The moon that you make tremble

When you move.

The touch of rain,

The pile of water,

The dew of heaven,

The skies cracked,

The walls grey,

No black!

No white!

All have the same color.

The lights go off,

Curtains go up,

You stand,

You take a bow,

You say your name,

Starting with its last.

They greet you with applause,

The theatre says: closed,

And they forget

That night;

They move on.

For a moment, you are no longer there;

You are a shadow of a shadow;

You are brought to the clay;

Soon the rest of the world joins

And nothing we have gained but

Grief and Wars

Lots of dead: young and men.

Forever empty wombs, that’s what we end up with.

Drife (when dreams and life become identical)

Life is fancy

When life becomes the dream.

Deja vu,

I’ve been here;

Jamais vu,

Not so clear.

The smell smells like a dream,

But never have I smelled it in Real.

Yet, what is the Real?

It felt bizarre

When things got nearer and nearer.

The mirage was no longer far.

Now, you are to mix things:

When the deer, instead, sings,

And the bird is now: used to be caught,

Turns into a hind ‘who’ is chased.

Brown eyes like a vampire’s

Golden, hypnotizes,

But the melody is familiar.

People look,

People hover,

They laugh,

They giggle,

They notice not

The killer.

Whatever is meant sometime becomes;

Within their eyes the lies lie;

They close them real wide.

Behind glasses, they hide,

Behind the masks of the mind.

I looked real close, real hard,

Tried to see what lies behind.

I screamed;

I was petrified.

An awful face,

There was.

“How ugly!” I thought.

Then moved the wall;

I was speechless,


I knew that face,

The mask was gone.

I, at last, dropped the mask

At least, for awhile.

The Hidden Truth


Extol me not, I am not worthy.

Lament, I must, for it’s getting stormy,

And the world is no longer syrupy.


I lost hope, lost my ambition.

I am on my way, with no destination.

I am lost, lost in translation.


The sweet song you used to chant;

I forgot it now, my darling aunt.

I am weary, I feel ‘vacant’


I am helpless,




This new place is not mine

This new country; I don’t feel fine

Home a word, feeling I can’t define


This is not where my great-grand-father was born

This is not our legitimate throne

We should be the ones out there mourn


We kill the sons of other men

We rape their homes to build our den

We handicap them and burn their skin


We wander around and spread lies

And bury the ‘prints where the truth lies

We control their seas and their skies


We learn at school to hate them all

We learn that we are the players and they are the ball

We can turn their spring into fall


This is not where we belong

This is not our song

We have to move on and go along


We have to leave Palestine

No matter how we try to make it ours, to refine

We are to stop; we crossed the inhumane line.


They die so we could live

I don’t want such thing

Let us leave, so we both live

This is not ours to have

Not ours to keep.

Let’s leave. There is no place for us here.