A Teacher is Born Not Made

I am an English literature student at the Islamic University of Gaza. How can the title be about teaching and I am studying literature? Well. Ever since I was a little girl, I used to pretend that I am teaching couches and chairs. I used to waste my time pretending teaching a couch a piece of information, I understand, just because I have different ways of describing and thinking about it. I wasn’t very good at school subjects. I was that kind of girls who hated attending classes; all classes but three: religion, English and French. Teachers didn’t like me either; they didn’t pay much attention to me; all but the previous mentioned exceptions’ teachers. I started watching English TV shows and movies when I was around 6 or maybe 7 – as far as I remember. I would watch TV all day long without moving and if I have an exam, I would study during the commercials. I started writing English poetry in the sixth grade. I started writing silly things; however with time, I became better. When I was a kid, I used to think, dream and pray, in moments of solitude, in English. When I grew older, I stopped the last one thinking it is better to pray to Allah in Arabic. I was always ahead in thinking. Poetry plants wisdom in those who truly love it. I was one of those few lucky people. I don’t know whether it is fortunate or hapless that I became mature when I was around 9 years old. It is interesting what Movies can do to you; and I surely have watched millions of them. Through my time at school, I used to explain things to my classmates; things related to English or French – that used to be a hobby. I still enjoy teaching others. I still enjoy dedicating my time just to explain things to other. In tawjehe – last year at high school, I got a good average that enabled me to go to any school I want, anything but medical school – not that I have ever wanted to be a doctor. I decided to try something new; I went for engineering. I enjoyed it and got a good average for a first semester. But it never felt my thing. I would go home and cry. I would hear how my friends had fun stuff and all I had was numbers. After 20 days of the beginning of the second semester, I couldn’t but leave. I had to chase down that true dream I had. And I did. I got into the literature department. Every day, I would go home and tell my mother a real interesting story about my day at the university; something I really lacked when I was studying engineering. I used to enjoy my classes. I used to feel hypnotized and enthusiastic. I would run to the library or run to classes. I hated breaks. I just wanted to study English. The real beautiful part is my second semester. All of my subjects were English no university or department requirements. I learned so many things. I would feel every word rather than read or understand. It felt home. It felt right where I belong. Just as a poet isn’t made but born, I believe that teachers are born not made. That long speech about my journey was to let you know that it needs passion to become a teacher; it needs to make you feel home. Teachers are responsible for the education of generations. They have a message they need to convey. A teacher has to have flame in their eyes not just information in their heads. If you want to be a teacher, make sure you are ready for such a scary important task. In your hands lies the destiny of a lot of students. You either make them want to come every day to school, like you feel, or you make them abhor hearing the word school, like you do. Teaching isn’t a profession. Teaching is a hobby, a belief and a message that you need to perfectly convey. A teacher isn’t made or given a certificate to become one; they are born. And just like there is a versifier and a poet, there is a teacher and a counterfeit product.


10 thoughts on “A Teacher is Born Not Made

  1. At the beggining, When I saw the title I was completely against it, but when I started reading your words.I become To a large extent agree with you.When we talk about the ability of teaching Yes,sure “A Teacher is Born Not Made” “it needs passion to become a teacher” Innate passion that follow you to do good works which be felt by the student.Very nice Thank you , Excelent Ideas Excelnt job ^_^

  2. Call me MaxCombuz. At the beggining, When I saw the title I was completely rejoicing about it, why? during my NCE programme at FCE Abeokuta, Ogun State, a question came out that ” teacher are made not by born” i really rejected this offer, why? when i studied myself from age 6, i decided to claimed to be a teacher though challenges came not to be but till date i never agree that teacher are made but typically teachers are born.
    1. who is a President without teacher;
    2. who are those in the upper places without teacher; etc
    therefore, when I started reading your words to a limit i discovered that have seen another reasonable fellow to convince and confirm.Ability of teaching is so heavier than to say i want to become a teacher, many are forced later they found their means away due to enduring and other challenge facing. “A Teacher is really Born Not by Made” “it needs compassion and passion to become a teacher” Innate passion and ability to control, discipline without 100% using beating, but counseling and exhortation. Your innate potential and the ability that are embedded will make you to do satisfactory job because teacher are being putting at the least of payment which should not. thank. good reasonable fellow, you have done a great collateral size.

    1. I have always believed in this and I feel thrilled too that someone shares the same idea. Teaching is not an easy thing to do like you said. A student must think so many times before deciding to become one.


  3. i disagree wt u dat teachers r born not made..before u call ursef a teacher,u must possess a minimum of n.c.e or grade 2 certificate.u lyk teaching wen r a kid or ur parent r teachers doesnt qualifies u 2b a teacher,.,.,.,………

    1. It depends on what you are teaching. Think of it this way, a person who happens to be, say, a mechanic (or a plumber) and doesn’t have a certificate and teaches a young boy how to deal with cars; the question is: does he have a certificate of education?

  4. The different has been made we teachers we are not made we are born cox we are the fathers of all profession, we are the nation builders

      1. You might have missed the point. You will need to learn things in order to be able to teach them; however, ‘passion’ is something that comes from who you are not what you learn to be. You can’t learn to be passionate about something. Teaching in that sense is innate. The desire and love to teach is innate. Something that comes from the heart not something you are obliged to do.

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