Trapped in Time

Time (1)

Eyes half open,

Heart entirely closed;

The world seems beautiful:

Now, I can’t get hurt.

The waves I hear talking;

The powder I smell rising;

The sun keeps falling;

The breeze cuddling my hair,

I can hear

With closed ears:

The screams of the body,

Some whispers overwhelming

Coming from beyond the sea.

A melody being played,

A Combat going;


I am defeated.

I can hardly breathe;

Echoes hovering,

My brain is lost in remembering,

I take a short breath,

The air is running,

Already, I am dead.

But the humming never stops;

I keep on losing my spots;

I dazzle and gaze,

And become out of space.

The past is taking over;

The past blinds my vision;

I can hardly see.

My eyes are entirely shut,

My heart half open,

Doors, Windows, Fragrant, walks, talks

All comes back,

Breaks the moment.

Nothing is before me;

I am lost in search.

Looking through what’s behind:

My eyes are sightless,

My heart is open,

My insight is abruptly frozen,

I have no future.

I am lost in remembering,

Weary mind,

Troublesome body,

I can’t keep dying

Everyday morning,

I need to do something,

Stop this from going,

Seal the heart,


Open my eyes

To see clearly.

I am half way going,

Almost there;

I have no way back;

I have no way at all

Save the one ahead,

Save the one before me;

The one I must take.


3 thoughts on “Trapped in Time

  1. Thank you so much for dedicating this poem to me, I see a very bright future for this young Palestenian poetess. I wish and pray that one day her poems becomes a source of inspiration and justice for future generations. I am really thankful and happy that she dedicated this poem to me. I will post a comment after deeply understanding this poem. Jazak’Allah

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