What if things are not what they seem?

What if we are the ones trapped in the mirrors?

What if we live bound to us: the others?

What if Martians are humans?

And Earthans are aliens?

Does it have to be my side of the story?

Is it only yours?

Am I the one with the pen?

And all you write can be erased?

Have we got things right?

Or things have us controlled?

Is the road ahead blur?

Or this is how it is?

This is how it really looks?

And how it should?

What if I want to go early?

And fight against all the odds?

I want to reach there in a hurry,

But forced to stay behind.

I feel so angry and bitter!

For I know if I went there,

Things would have been, for me, better.

Then I hear on the radio a whole hour later

“A car crash on the highway”

Everyone died.

I am left wordless.

I am out of my mind.


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