Salvation Lies In The Heart

No one shall ever reconcile
With the beast inside.
No man shall redeem himself,
No man shall see light
So long darkness overpowers,
That darkness that leaps from our weary souls,
That bright gloomy look from what lives within us.
Those fake smiles and fake tears;
Those powerless emotions of faith that fades.
Light is half gone, half never existed
Because we are too proud to admit it.
The human who is made of clay,
The same who shall turn to ash
Is too proud to confront his sins,
Too proud to see the right,
Too proud to live by the law,
The only,
The divine.
It shall last like this for a long time
Until man learns how to cope,
How to fight against the pleasant vices,
How to see what lies beyond the devil,
How to see with his heart
Rather than his eyeballs.

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