Dystopia: Where Fortune Comes First



Chrystal tears too gloomy tonight 

Can you hear my heart?
Things are going off these days
I am waiting by the road of sighs
Can somebody please call a fireman?
My heart is burning flames
Can someone please call a friend?
I need a shoulder, someone to blame
I cry, unheard. I bleed, unnoticed!
Fragile, until the end
I need, gone!
Break the silence: sigh!
A tear slowly escapes my eye
It tickles, it hurts, it dies!
Another follows and some more
Still the same: it all goes!
Ah, feel the breeze punishing my skin
I should have worn something;
I should have listened.
My fault. I admit.
I lie, think not the opposite of truth,
On the ground and listen to roses
Telling me different stories
About a lost land.
I stuffed my head deeper in the ground
I try to find the perfect map
Treasures, gold, fortunes
All I have ever needed
One thing missing: who to take?
To the unknown: who to trust?
Fortune: who to share with?
Aye! Fortune not what I need but company!

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