War, For What Reason?

My son went to war and never came back

Because some kings thought:

Why not to earn more cash?

I thought my son died as a hero who fought for his land

But so thought the mother who my son killed her lad

He was so young at age and young at heart

He thought, “tomorrow will have a brighter sunshine.”

He was ready to die for what he believed in

“For freedom,” he once said.

We were fooled by the speeches of the rich

Some died in the battle and of waiting died the rest.

In castles of gold and diamond, the rulers celebrated the winning

In the hall where they set the army:

their spirits became forgotten losses.

We were left to mourn in our small old houses

And all of their promises faded.

They dare to appear on televisions

In their Armani suits and expensive watches

And address me and my family

And address the rest of the country:

“We lost few souls,”

He looked down, he wiped his eyes

Then mentioned a number, then continued:

“But we won the war.”

I wondered while sobbing for I had tears no more:

Those who died were just numbers

a n d t h o s e who DID NOT FIGHT, history shall remember!

And my son Adam went to war and never came back

Because some kings were thirsty for more land.

My Adam was tall and handsome

My Adam is not a number mentioned in history records

My Adam fought and he was the one who won along with his fellows.


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