Inherited Senses

What a beautiful rainbow!
It feels so good to be sure: 
My dad saw this before;
Something I know he laid his eyes on,
Finally, something in common. 

How harmonic the birds sound!
They whistle like when he used to be around:
I now feel like he once did 
When he heard the birds sing.
A memory I make up
For I have never had one.
Now I can say, 

“We heard the same song.” 
Only few years apart, 
but why would I care about the time? 
My mothers’ hands felt so soft tonight; 
Something I know he once gently touched. 
I am sorry to say
They have wrinkles now. 
It’s been so long, 
he’s been away:
somethings changed, others did not. 
And when it rains,
And the soil’s scent spreads, 
I smell what he once smelled. 
Another thing we share, 
One more memory to add. 
And then I call my name:
Once or twice; 
Like I am sure he once did 
When I was a child. 
Although it is my voice, 
letters stay the same. 
I once was ‘memoriless’ 
But I refuse to stay like this
No one can deny or object. 
Rest in your grave
Until one day we join 
Thought it may take long
Eventually we will meet:
And see colors together, 
And hear songs of swallows, 
And hold my mother’s hands- you take 
Her right one, I take Her left- and 
Stand in opposite direction: you smell the flower
And tickle my nose when I ask you to let me smell it; 
And you will call my name, 
And I .. I will, for the first time, 
Call you dad 
And we will have forever
To meet for the first time and make real memories. 

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