Forever, For How Long?

After every picture we take, 

Each of us takes a different path; 

A smile left for dust to have;

In a frame, captured as a past. 


We’d laugh and sing for a while,

But we all know it doesn’t last:

Only a glimpse hope which fades in no time.


We can jump around all day,

Eventually back to our beds for sleep;

It takes more than a photo to keep 

Our love strong, to make us believe;

It takes more than posing for time never pauses.


Can you hear my heart following the beats of your steps? 

With every step you take farther, 

My heart beats faster. 

It needs more than seconds of passing years;

If you are here, be here to stay.


Friends for life only works when we really need it,

Really want it.

Forever ends tonight:

Forever never happens the second we say forever. 


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