The Bravado of the Fearless

A drop of rain stung me:

I did not bleed yet my soul did.

I walked blindly,

I missed the signs of it.


A heavy weight ached my back

Although air was all there was.

I wondered what had happened,

Nothing came to my mind.


I walked for a thousand miles more,

I heard what was left untold:


I could not turn my face; I was stuck in no place.


Where I marched was so dry:

A cloud above me cleared my way

Protecting me from the rain;


I wondered where that drop escaped from.


I saw deserted spirits on both sides,

I could not tell what they were looking at:

Me? Or the path I was still to take;

Me? Or the cloud above my head.


I walked and marched and ran,

I could see trees moving around.

I fell, I groped, I blanked,

The drop was now on my hand.


So thirsty for water,

So in need for power,

I could not, however,

let it take control.


I wiped my eyes and closed them tight;

Swore to my heart, “It won’t rain tonight.”

I thought I was strong and walked for a thousand miles more:

I got to an end, but not my end; not the one I had in mind.


I thought I was strong and crawled for a mile more,

I discovered, then: I lied.

It rained like it had never done before:

I cried and cried until I could cry no more.


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