Unplayed Melodies

The recitation of the poem.

A sad song written with tears;

I could not hear the lyrics,

Yet something inside me moved.

It played the whole eve

Endless as heartache.

So many things could cause that:

Some pieces of broken glass might have.

I could hear the pain

Softly played on a violin.

As the room span, so did I;

As the words were buried, so was  I.

I could hear what the instrument didn’t play,

What the heart truly wanted to say.

Unspoken melodies always win

The hearts of those willing to listen.

I closed my ears; I shut my eyes;

I placed my hands somewhere far;

I held my breath and closed my mouth

I then, truthfully, opened my heart.

Five senses they were,

I used the sixth instead.

I knew, then, what it meant to be alive.

To just live.


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