A Dream to Remember

Like the flower in the garden next door

Smiling to a bird, wishing to fly along.


Like a little bee so scared:

First time it goes for food out there.


Big does the world seem today

But I know it’s too small for my dreams.


I know to get to where I belong

I will need to cross a thousand worlds. 


Deep down, I know it for sure;

The clouds will show me the road.


I can reach the kingdom of snow

If I let my heart sing along. 


I will say my prayer tonight,

And fall asleep like a princess:

I will know that tomorrow is near 

Not yet yesterday, there’s nothing to fear.


I will be what my mind says,

My heart will never give away,

The laughter I had as a child.


I will not forget 

The reasons behind 

Every dream that came to life. 



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