Like a Boss

I breathe the lines of poetry,
I inhale the letters,
I squeeze on the emotions
For a moisture of pleasure.

I seek the endless roads of life
For life is but a dark hour
Where all mankind is a victim
And all is a victimizer

There is no boundary between the present and the past,
Fool: who says that ‘future’ is a tense.
I left the sorrows and the cries hidden in box,
I threw it in a river called time.

The waves were rough,
The rocks were so,
Everything was wiped
From A to O.

I needed few letters more,
U, I kept from drowning;
U, I kept from letting go;
A loose end that was left unsolved.

Rush for the minutes yet to come
Tomorrow still needs so long
Here, there is no crying,
No moaning, no tears.

Now’s a present
From God, a gift.
Let the bleeding fade a bit
There’s nothing more for you than here and now.

Tomorrow needs the night to pass,
Tomorrow may never come,
A second ahead may not as well.

Carpe diem, world, like a boss;

Life is on the verge of being lost.



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