Infinite Beginning

By Nour Osama El Borno

The present is the spring of the past:

The past is but a future

Of an earlier point in time.

And tomorrow never exists

And today never comes

The past once gone, never is.

Always a matter of emptiness;

Between day and night:


There is no such thing;

No time: mere nothingness.


2 thoughts on “Infinite Beginning

  1. after preoccupying about the elusive enigma of time, i came up with this extract _ there is time .. because simply it’s been mentioned in the holy Quran, why would we go after the physics and all the theories!

    ”It is He who gave the sun its radiance, the moon its lustre, and appointed its stations so that you may compute years and numbers. God did not create them but with deliberation. He distinctly explains His signs for those who can understand.” surt Yones
    and there are lots and lots of verses and ahadeth about time, there’s Hadeath Qudsi says ” ‏(‏يؤذيني ابن آدم يسب الدهر وأنا الدهر، بيدي الأمر أقلب الليل والنهار‏)‏‏”
    so if God says that he controls the time that means time indubitably does exist.
    i guess we created complexity and bewilderment when we tried to meticulously use philisophy in understanding things which might have been so simple in the first place.

    1. I know that.. it’s just not the time we know.. not the time we understand.. What is it? I wasn’t thinking about it in a philosophical point of view, I was trying to look for something logical. I was trying to think, admiring God’s creation of this endless circle of something that controls us but is not visible to us or felt by us!

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