Same Signs Soon


There is a mile between a tear and a smile.

There is an era between happiness and sadness.

They lie, oh they do lie, when they say a thin line

Lies in the middle. How stupid to think that

The distance between the tragic and the comic

Is few feet away.


It’s as far as a star and as close as a breath

Inhaled on a winter eve. It’s as warm as a sunny day

And as cold as a cup of juice in the fridge.


It’s as scary as a Monday night movie, as romantic

As A Walk to Remember. It’s as surprising as a sudden death

Of a dear, a beloved. It is as regular as rain drops in summer.

It is unexplained. It is unnoticed. It’s un-invisble. Still not entirely so.


It breaks the laws of physics. It is controlled by gravity.

It heads north when south is the end. And it breaks the rhythm

When the rhyme fits. It waits not for your sorrow to disappear entirely

Or your laughter to seize fully. It waits not for your breath to be taken.


It sneaks in. It sneaks out. It stays within. It reveals no secretes, It stops at no limits. It is fragile. It is feeble. It is strong. It is fearless.

It is illiterate but speaks 5999 languages. Learning its 6000th.


It’s on the road with no end with one real end. To find its way

Through that one mile. It travels through time. Through space.

Through souls until it gets to the other side of the mile. It draws a smile.

It draws a frown. It draws something. But it never distorts a figure.


It takes its time. It takes few seconds. It takes few forevers.

It waits. It’s patient. It waits until you ask it to come. Until you decide to embrace.

Until you are ready. It waits. Then breaks through you.

Breaks your bones. Breaks your veins. Breaks your thoughts.

It amends. It fixes. It lasts.


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