I have been looking for a lost key

Of a Path I have known for long

The path. I have seen light so many times

Yet have chosen darkness.

Sometimes it is not out of disobedience,

Out of weakness.

I am weak. I am weary.

I am lost.

I have not gone astray:

I know the path very well. I was given a key.

I keep seeking for a chain so that I never run out of chances

To pick the wrong path and yet hope for redemption.

I am not lost waiting to be found.

I know where I am standing

I know this path, I have taken it so many times.

But I am hoping for a chain.

More roads. More turns. More doors.

I keep locking myself in;

I should be on the other side of the road.

I am stuck. I am moving in reverse.

I feel faint. I feel yellow.

I feel empty. I feel waste.

I have gone so down. So deep.

Endless, this road even seems.

But. But is a keyword:

Sometimes it hurts; but here, but is a keyword.

A good keyword.

Lord, heal me.

Heal my soul, I beg thee!

Bring faith to my heart, my bones,

Make it ache of faith.

I believe.

It matters that I believe.

Save me, my Lord

For I have chosen to go astray

The path you have given me a key of,

I have lost it. I can’t find it.

And yet I feel my pocket, no not there.

I feel my heart, yes. Yes, I found it.

Faith is the only key to salvation.



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