There Will Be Darkness in the Light

My gorgeous night, so shallow is the light;

You are always there to cover the pain;

Light exposes what the heart wishes to hide

And the night veils the secrets and the despairs.

There shall be rainbow when the night is here,

There shall be love when the hate goes with fear,

There will be a mirror to show the darkness

How it looks

When the sun is all there is.

Hear the hisses, and the whispers then you will know

How a heartbeat works:

Shining in a room full of light,

Overpowering the slightest hair of dust;

For all you know, light is the absence of the dark.

And there shall be all you need;

There you’ll know what it feels

To be the person on a purple cloud

Flying, jumping around.

You will find yourself on a rainbow in the middle of the night

Waiting for the right chance to a catch a burning star

Not knowing it will burn you alive.

But somewhere in your heart you feel

Perhaps, not always

There will be someone to say goodbye to

When the windows are closed and the door is about to be shut.


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