Since the First World War,
A bit before that,
Few less years or so,
Mankind were kind.
But not so long after the First World War,
Man became everything else.
Since the children of Adam and Eve first fought,
Until this day,
Man fights man over silly stuff:
Stuffed stomachs are more desired than empty ones.
More riches, better life for few people;
Those left are left with awes and sorrows
Awe! Look how beautiful the queen’s dress is!
Sorrow, the heart is filled with.
“Amen! The president just said something important”
He coughed, you silly!
Truces are made, truces are broken
Truces are about to believe they and rules are related.
Lie, believe yourself; everyone else did
Why wouldn’t you?
Not so long ago, few years before man came down to earth
Man was kind
But now man is looking for something else
Manimal, mankind has become.


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