Smile On by Allam Zedan

Although this story is very short, I found it absolutely expressive and wonderfully written: so simple yet so powerful.

He was wandering around. Suddenly he stopped in front of an old woman who was sitting aside with some strawberries that she tried to sell since the early morning. He greeted her and asked if she knew a young man who was working in her place. She asked him for a description. He didn’t hesitate. He tried to give her one. He told her of the simple person that he knew several months ago. He told her of the kind and elegant young man who helped him during his research on the Israeli harassments against the Palestinians in Jerusalem. He told her about the bright eyes that he couldn’t forget and the smile that didn’t leave him once. His bad Arabic seemed to give her an idea. She stopped him and said “Do you mean Abu Saber?”, “Abu Saber, yes, that was his nickname,” he replied. The old woman smiled and said “The occupation killed him.”

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