Neatly Chaotic Blue

There was something blue looking at me from a distance

I could not see through the dark window that separated us

But I could feel the secrets whispered

I could smell the talks said

There was something so ordinary about the so unordinary creature

I tried to fathom what seemed a complex puzzle of wonders

I failed to comprehend the easiest language

And searched for a Morse code answer

I wanted something supernatural

I did not know I was asking for a guardian angel

I had lost so many paths and found no shelters

I have been through many downs and no lifters

There were times I could lose hope

But God always sent me a signal

Sorrow has deepened the wounds

That one or two presents couldn’t fix

A hope of a rescue team

Has soon faded and gone with the hurricane

And now I am standing opposite to a dark window

Only to see a beautiful blue creature bringing light

Beating the dark surrounding the window.



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