Never My Future 2014

The wreck of the houses,
The cries of the dead orphans,
The wounded brothers,
The bleeding toddlers.

The screams of a baby in a womb
Ripped off the tummy of her mama:
She didn’t live, was sent to the tomb
Because of the endless booms.

I hear the sirens getting closer
The ambulance screaming: move, move
I can hardly breathe, smoke overpowers
A black cloud invades our sky
Very big, very dark

Will it rain? I childishly wonder.
My cousin looks at me and cries
I see my reflection in the mirror
Half burned face
Hardly a figure

I lost my sight,
Lost my conscious

I am no longer a child,
No longer a human

They have turned my body to that of a monster
But NAY my heart is as it is.

I will be the man I was meant to be
My look, my scars will be there so I’d remember

I was the innocent, I was the victim
And they took my past and present,

But not my future. Never my future.


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